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Health and Beauty August 17, 2008


 Hi, my name is Bob Ligenza , and I am about to venture into the internet marketplace with my new website devoted to health and beauty aids. Many people think that health and beauty can be acheived by taking vitamins and supplements alone, excercise alone, a good diet alone etc;. I strongly disagree.  A holistic approach to health and beauty is the only answer. A sound diet, excercise, vitamins , avoidance of stress, good sleep habits etc; all contribute to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body must be in a state of internal equilibrium. I am not a doctor, by any meams, but I have studied biology, chemistry, physics and other related sciences . A balanced approach to our internal well being, reflects in our outward appearance. My website , which will be published shortly, will not only offer health and beauty aids but will also concern itself with all issues affecting the human body in health and disease. Please feel free to add some content to this topic. What are your secrets to maintaining a youthful appearance ? I am sure that it is much more than just taking vitamins ! Maybe, it is not such a bad idea to begin with a discussion about sleeping habits and disorders. It is apparent that lack of sleep results in a lack of energy, and can be the cause of other physical ailments and mental fatique. Did you sleep well last night? I hope you did. And, if I am not getting off the track to much, I would like to introduce the topic of cosmetics. After all, cosmetics are now  available for both men and women. They are meant to accentuate natural beauty, but no one ever stopped there. Anti-aging creams are now  helping everyone look younger. Try to eat well, sleep well, and do everything else well -like taking care of your skin and beautifying it !!! After all, you only live once, and you’re only as old as you feel !! Try an holistic approach to your health and beauty. It may be the best AND only way to go !! Share some of your “secrets” with us     
Do you know what things I think about ?

          I have a secret for you !! Well, maybe not such a secret anymore considering all the new publicity about acai berries !!  It has been reported that acai berry diets can help you lose up to 30 pounds in 2 weeks. Amazing !!  It seems that high quality berries are the key. Some products available are not made with high quality berries, and results differ. Have you had any experience with Acai diets ?

           Acai berries are a good source of vitamin C. As we all know, antioxdants can play a huge role in your health. Antioxidants combat free radicals. So a diet rich in antioxidants can help our bodies to combat disease and cell damage. 

          Many studies have been conducted to discover  the causes of disease. Bacteria and viruses are known to cause the common cold and influenza. Vitamin C, E and A are great antioxidants that help to boost the immune system. Acai berries may do more for you than just help you loss weight. Nevertheless, adding antioxidants to your diet is an important part of an holistic approach to healthy living.

          Adding herbs to your diet can also be another piece of the holistic health puzzle. How about echinacea !!  Does it really help prevent the common cold ? Some research suggests that echinacea can help fight the common cold. Other research suggests that it can reduce the symptoms and duration of the cold cold.  Still other reports have inconclusive evidence, suggesting that echinacea is no better than a placebo. Different parts of the plant, different manufacturing methods ,a different  species of echinacea  are used in different preparations. So, maybe  the test results are comparing “apples and oranges ” so to speak. Maybe echinacea can help with the common cold (after onset) by targeting specific viruses, both not all. You notice that I said “after onset” since there is no evidence that echinacea can prevent  the common cold.

           As part of my holistic approach to living, there  exists a home remedy of my own that has seemed to work for me. I haven’t had a cold in years !! Maybe I am lucky-maybe I am not so lucky , as being calculated in my approach.

          First of all, always take time out to rest. In these busy times, relaxing the body relieves stress and helps the body combat the elements. I always try to get a good nights’ sleep. Clear your mind of all thoughts and look forward to tomorrow. Awake early and do some warmup exercises.

         I always try to drink plenty of water. Water flushes out toxins from our bodies. Bottled water may be better than tap since it does not contain chlorine.  Boiled water is probably the best.
I make a habit of inhaling steam each morning to clear my sinuses and chest. Then, I  drink the boiled water with my green tea. More antioxidants for the battle.

         I take aspirin every morning to prevent inflammation. The aspirin is followed by pomegranate juice.  Then it is time for vitamins. If you can find them on the shelf, then I probable take all of them-from A to zinc. Not in a multi-vitamin, but in seperate dosages.  I don’t take all of them every day, but have created a daily vitamin list to remind myself to take all of them weekly. I also have included horse chestnut and gingko in the list.

         Vitamin C, E , and A are my antioxidants and echinacea is my herbal choice; lycopene and CoQ10  as well.  I take saw palmetto, once a week, for mens’ health concerns.

         Then , I drink more pomegranate juice-good antioxidant stuff !!

 I avoid red meats and eat rice and vegetables, Rarely do I eat prepared foods. Not to be too personal, but my bowels stay open. Eliminating waste is very important in staying healthy. If you do get sick, make sure that your bowel movements are regular;  the heat of fever can be removed by a good elimination.  Drink plenty of fluids and fight a cold by eating, and a fever by fasting. That’s if you do get sick !! But, so far my holistic approach to healthy living has kept be well.  My common cold treatment and echinacea seems to work for me.
As they say, prevention is 90% on the battle. That really
is my home remedy tip-prevention and maintaining wellness.

          I can only speak for myself. I have no chronic illnesses and infrequently visit a doctor. Before you try any of my suggestions, consult your docter. Results vary from individual to individual and existing conditions may dictate different remedies.







                          Visit my website blog for more ” how to ” ideas.

                      healthiness To your knockout beauty. holistichealth

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how to lose weight fast</noscript

Nail fungus can be unsightly and annoying. The condition is caused by a living organism that infects the nail. It can happen on hands or feet, however the fungus grows best in dark, moist conditions. The inside of your shoe is a perfect place for this growth.
The Ph of the skin can play a role in this problem. Also. there is some evidence that sugar intake can worsen the condition. Walking barefoot is not a good idea, especially on wet surfaces where the fungus can thrive.
The nails become yellow or brown and very brittle. Thickening of the nail also occurs. If you have this condition, using an anti-fungal powder in the shoe helps to reduce moisture and kill the fungus. Don’t share towels since the fungus can live on a wet towel for some time.
What else can you do ? Well, don’t use nail polish. You see, the nail naturally has a protective coating and the fungus grows beneath the coating. Nail polish only traps in moisture and helps the fungus to grow. Wear cotton socks and shoes that are air-breathers.
Keeping the foot dry helps to reduce the growth of fungus.
So now, you know a little about tinea of the foot-another name for nail fungus.
Do you have any home remedies for nail fungus ?
As for myself, I once had nail fungus of the big toe. I had trauma to the toe when I stubbed it on the stairs. Trauma can also allow the fungus to grow.
I started using the available over the counter remedies, and had little improvement. I started thinking. How about salt ? Salt is used to preserve foods because it kills microrganisms by dehydrating them. How about mouth wash ? Mouthwash kills germs.
I started soaking my foot in Epsom salt. Then, I would alternate with a bath of mouth wash. I would wipe it up well, and put on white cotton socks. Not colored socks.
After about one week , I saw an improvement. After two weeks, the condition had cleared up. Sometimes, if you think about something long enough, you can find your own home remedy.
Ps: Only use a small about of mouthwash in the foot bath.



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Constipation is a condition that occurs when there is difficulty in evacuating fecal matter from the bowels. Often a laxative is needed to correct the problem. There are many types of laxatives available.
Some laxatives are bulking agents. They contain bran or some other ingredient that absorbs liquid and makes the stool larger and softer. This stimulates a bowel movement. Other laxatives are softeners. They help to lubricate the stool, but the laxative must be present in the intestine before the mass forms.
Osmotic laxatives draw water from the blood vessels and tissues and retain the water in the intestine. Stimulant laxatives like Ex-Lax irritate the intestine and cause contractions which move the stool through the intestines and colon. They should only be used as a last resort.
As for myself, I like to rely on a simple method. Just take a little lemon juice and add it to boiled water. Drink while the mixture is hot. Laxative results gaurenteed in a few hours. Of course, do not mix with other laxatives. Consult a physician when in doubt.

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Seborrhea is a type of dermatitis. Dermatitis is a general term for skin diseases. Seborrhea is often compared to eczema, although eczema is definitely worse. Anyone can get seborrhea. Cases are seen in infants and children , as well as young adults. Sometimes the condition persists through life.
In infants, the condition is usually gone by the first year of life. Seborrhea in infants is known as cradle cap. In adolescents, it may appear as flaky dandruff. In any case, seborrhea is not contagious. The apperance of seborrhea is marked by greasy, crusty scales with red skin.
Seborrhea is usually treated with seborrhea shampoo when it appears on the scalp. This shampoo contains selenium, zinc, and salicylic acid. Other topical applications are used when the condition is present on other parts of the body. Although not proven, aloe vera seems to be an effective treatment for seborrhea.
Personally, I don’t have a home remedy for seborrhea, but I do know that olive oil helps in removing the flaky scales. Zinc oxide cream helps to relieve the itchiness and redness.
Have you any experience with seborrhea or any other form of dermatitis ? Share your experience and remedies with us.


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When I was a kid, I loved potato chips. But, not just any potato chips….. vinegar and salt. I quess the salt wasn’t to good for me, but the vinegar taste was wonderful. At home, Mom used to make salads every day. My father loved vinegar. So, vinegar with tomatoes, with lettuce, with cucumbers…..vinegar every day. That was the white vinegar she used. Later on, she discovered apple cider vinegar and started to use it in salads.
As years went by, I started reading about the health benefits of vinegar, and in particular, apple cider vinegar. It has been reported to have various health benefits, when used on a daily basis. Some of these benefits include: helping allergies
sinus infections
sore throats
It is well known that apple cider vinegar breaks down fat. People who use this vinegar in salads , or just drink it, report weight loss.
Apple cider vinegar is also good for pets. It has been reported that the vinegar helps arthritis in cats and dogs, as well as control fleas. Another nice side effect is a shiny coat.
So, if you don’t use it in a salad, how much should you drink ? About 2 teaspoons in 8 to 16 ounces of water is a recommended dosage.
Are you familiar with apple cider vinegar ?

Tell us your story .



If apple cider vinegar doesn’t help you lose weight, then maybe you could stand to lose 10 to 20 pounds of waste matter accumulated in your colon. Sounds disgusting ? Your colon health could be at risk.


So, you just washed your hair and you have the same “flyaway” problem………baby fine hair. You comb it and reach for the hair spray. Maybe not a good idea. Sure, it holds your hair in place, but it can also be very dangerous.
Hairsprays contain dangerous chemicals like……..
denatured alcohol
polyvinyl alcohol……. to name a few.
Even the names are scary !!
These chemiclas can causes serious effects
breathing difficulty
pain in the throut
blurred vision
burns to the eye
low blood pressure
stupor, coma
Would you ever think that hairspray could be so dangerous ?
If you or someone you know is affected by hairspary, you can call this number: 1-800-222-1222 for the National Poison Control center. They will have to know some information like:
age, weight, condition
product used and ingedients
time of inhaling.
Topical rash problems can result from hairspray, but INHALING is much worse.
As an alternative, consider a hair cream to hold your style in place. Something like VO5 for example. The cream is much better for your scalp and you won’t be inhaling toxins.
Have you ever had a problem associated with the use of hairspray ? Share your experiences with us.
All things related to health and beauty.



The summertime !! A great time to have fun. An awful time to contract a mosquito borne disease. Or…lyme disease. And then, there is the 2009 outbreak of swine flu and the ongoing West Nile problem with California being the worst state in the nation with reported cases.

Learn more. mosquito

It’s the fall in New Jersey. The gusty wind blows and a mirage of colored leaves fill the air and cover our steets. A array of colors including red, yellow, and orange help to make the Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons spectacular.

Did you know that these colors are the result of carotenoids ?
Carotenoids are fat soluble pigments found in plants, some animals and birds, algae and bacteria. They play a critical role in photosynthesis. In non-photosynthetic bacteria, they play a critical function in protection from light and oxygen.
Animals cannot synthesize carotenoids in their bodies. They must ingest them in their food. These molecules are antioxidants and promote vitamin A activity.
Carotenoids are red, orange and yellow pigments. The red color of tomatoes and peppers, the pink of flamingos and salmon, and the red color of lobsters is due to carotenoids.
The carotenoids are antioxidants because of their molecular structure which absorbs energy from free radicals. Lutein, found in corn and leafy veggies, protects us against macular degeneration of the eye because of its’ antioxidant properties. Lycopene in tomatoes curbs the destructive effect of oxgen and is believed to aid prostate health. Overall, carotenoids help to boost the immune system.
Beat -carotene is transformed into vitamin A in the human body.
Alpha-carotene is another molecule that promote vitamin A activity.
Why so much talk about carotenoids ?

Afer all, it is the fall and just around October 31 , the ghosts and goblins appear. Jack O’ Lanterns everywhere !!! And, lots of antioxidant rich alpha-carotene. WHERE YOU ASK ?


That’s right !! Pumpkins contain alpha-carotene. It is also found in carrots, red and yellow peppers. So before you smash a pumpkin …..



Eat a slice of pumpkin pie. Or, have some pumpkin butter.

But, not as scary as a weak immune system.
EAT PUMPKIN…….. and be healthy.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Each year we celebrate the goodness of God with friends and family at Thanksgiving. The first Thanksgiving was in 1621 and celebrated by the Pilgrims and native Indians. Written accounts tell us that they dined on wild turkeys and venison at noon. There were dried fruits and vegetables. Dried corn was a staple food of the Indians. Eating more meat than vegetables was commonn for the Pilgrims. They had to work hard to survive, and needed to build muscles. Hence, the need for protein in the meat.
Turkey contains 37g of protein
per 140g serving.
There are 28g to an ounce, so the serving portion is
5 ounces… a little more than a quarter pound.

Turkey also contains:

20g of fat

127mg of cholesterol

102 mg of sodium

0 carbohydrates

and vitamins.


4.8mg of niacin
94.6mg of choline
265mg of phosphorous
364mg of potassium

It is also found in beef liver, 1 large egg and cauliflower. Almonds
are also a good source of choline. Peanut butter contains a good
amount of choline.
Why is choline so important ?
Choline is used in the body to build cell membranes. Our bodies are composed of cells. Choline is also used in the nervous system to trasmitter nervous impulses. The liver benefits from choline since it helps the liver to prevent fat accumulation in the liver itself… the largest organ in the body, and the detoxifier of all body systems.

Interesting enough, human milk contains choline. It seems that fetuses and infants need choline for proper growth and development.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving , and give your body a treat
this Holiday season:



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Christmas Day
Everyone knows that peppermint sticks are associated with Christmas. The canes are commercially produced and contain a lot of sugar. But, peppermint itself is very nutritious.
Peppermint is low in sugar.
High in :
calcium, iron, manganese, niacin, phosphorous, potassium,vitamin A, vitamin C and ………………..zinc.
Interested in more educational reading?
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Honoring an Afro-american Leader
January is the beginning of a new year. It is the month in whivh we honor Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. KIng is an outstanding example of an Afro-american who contributed so much to this countrys’ civil rights movement.
January is also the month for NFL playoffs. So many outstanding athletes are Afro-americans.
Did you know that certain diseases are associated with the Afro-american population. Diseases like sickle cell anemia and blackwater fever.
Do you suffer from sickle cell anemia or lupus ?
Share your experience with our readers.
Learn more.
for more information on sickle cell anemia.

Heart Month
Ok, let’s talk about a mature topic: heart health. Did you know that SEX is beneficial to your heart and health ? As a matter of fact, lack of sex may be harmful. However, do not confuse sex and masturbation: the beneficial effects of sex are much greater.
During sex , prolactin levels increase. The levels are 4x greater than after masturbation. Prolactin counteracts the effect of dopamine, a hormone , released during arousal.That is why orgasms during intercourse are more satisfying than masturbation. Having sex 3 times a week is enough. More than 3 times can weaken the immune system.
Sex is beneficial for the heart and circulation. Circulation to the brain increases due to sexual activity. Your heart beat increases to 150 beats a minute, as opposed to the normal of 70 beats. Deep breathing increases oxygen to the brain and other organs. Those who have sex 3 times a week, have a 50% reduction in risk for a heart attack. Lack of sex can cause depression, frustration, self doubt, and paranoia. After sex, the brain releases endorphins which give you that euphoria feeling. Sex relieves stress. Sperm has prostaglandins that can modulate a womans’ mood….like an antidepressant.
Sex helps you to sleep better. Women have softer skin and shiny hair from having sex frequently. This is due to increased estrogen levels. Sex helps to strengthen muscles. With so many beneficial effects of having sex, sex with the right partner may even increase your longevity.

Learn more about heart health:
Share your thoughts with our readers.

Health and beauty:


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